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vintage Gretsch guitrs for sale

Vintage Gretsch Guitars, Amps and Accessories

At JTKM Studio, we take pride in being the go-to vintage guitars shop in York UK, offering a curated selection of exquisite vintage Gretsch guitars, amps, and accessories. As vintage guitar dealers with a passion for the timeless allure of Gretsch instruments, we invite you to explore our collection that echoes the golden era of music.


Our inventory boasts a remarkable array of vintage Gretsch guitars, each instrument telling its own unique story. From the iconic hollow-body designs to the legendary finishes, our vintage guitars for sale capture the essence of bygone eras. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a collector with an eye for authenticity, our vintage guitar shop is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Enhance your musical journey with the warm tones and distinctive sound of vintage Gretsch amps. As vintage guitar dealers, we understand the importance of pairing the perfect guitar with an amplifier that complements its character. Our collection of vintage Gretsch amps ensures that you not only play music but immerse yourself in an era where craftsmanship and tone took centre stage.

Elevate your playing experience with our range of vintage Gretsch guitar accessories. From vintage straps to authentic cases, our antique guitar shop is your one-stop destination for all the finer details that add character to your instrument. Immerse yourself in the world of vintage guitars with accessories that echo the style and sophistication of a bygone era.

Explore our Gretsch Collection

View our current selection of vintage Gretsch guitars, amps and accessories.

Why Choose JTKM Studio for your Vintage Gretsch Guitars, Amps and Accessories?

Expertise: As vintage guitar dealers, our team possesses a deep understanding of Gretsch instruments, ensuring that every piece in our collection meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity.
Curated Selection: We take pride in curating a selection of vintage Gretsch guitars and amps that appeal to both discerning musicians and collectors alike.

Passion for Perfection: Our commitment to preserving the legacy of Gretsch instruments is reflected in the meticulous restoration and care taken with each vintage piece in our inventory.

Explore the world of vintage Gretsch guitars and amps at JTKM Studio, your trusted vintage guitar shop in York, UK. Whether you're seeking a unique addition to your collection or the perfect instrument to inspire your music, we invite you to experience the timeless charm of Gretsch craftsmanship with us.

Contact us with any questions about are range of vintage guitars and amps. JTKM Studio – Where Vintage Tone Meets Timeless Elegance.

Discover the allure of vintage guitars at JTKM Studio – your trusted destination for vintage Fender guitars, amps, and accessories in the UK.

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