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About JTKM Studio 

The Owner of JTKM STUDIO

Joni Thompson is the sole owner and founder of JTKM STUDIO.  Joni has spent over 20 years working in the education sector and created JTKM STUDIO in 2022 out of his love for Fender guitars from the Surf Music era and also 1950's Gretsch guitars.

Joni is an astute collector of offset Fender guitars and mid 1950's Gretsch guitars.  He fell in love with Fender guitars in his late teens, bought his first vintage guitar at age 20 and nothing much has changed since then. 


Joni is currently building the JTKM Collection and is searching for the finest, early examples of the Fender Jaguar along with rare solid body Gretsch and Gretsch 6120s from the 1950's.

JTKM STUDIO is not longer expecting to offer any new stock for sale in the foreseeable future. 

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