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About JTKM Studio Vintage Guitars, Amps & Accessories

If you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life.

The Owner of JTKM STUDIO

Joni Thompson is the sole owner and founder of JTKM STUDIO.  Joni spent 20 years working in the education sector before making JTKM STUDIO his full-time career in 2022.

Joni is an astute collector of offset Fender guitars and mid 1950's Gretsch guitars.  He fell in love with Fender guitars in his late teens, bought his first vintage guitar at age 20 and nothing much has changed since then. 

Joni seeks out some of rarest and cleanest pieces on the planet and takes great pride offering them to the world.  Although, he does keep the extremely special pieces for the JTKM STUDIO private collection.  Joni has strong connections and relationships with some of the finest vintage guitar dealers in the USA, Europe and also private collectors.  If you're looking for a rare guitar, JTKM STUDIO will be able to find it.

JTKM STUDIO keep a small inventory of ultimate collector grade, genuinely handpicked examples. We have no interest in average vintage gear, we are proud of our inventory.  JTKM STUDIO specialises in 1960's Fender and 1950's Gretsch, in particular offset Fender guitars and solid body Gretsch.

Take a moment to check our ever growing Sold Gallery.  We are pleased to say we've had the finest output of rare offset Fender worldwide and we aim for this to continue. 

JTKM STUDIO has purposely been set up to grow organically over its initial years.  The current key objective and focus is to present stunning, original and rare vintage guitars to the world and build a solid client base.

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