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1957 Gretsch 6129 Silver Jet OHSC

1957 Gretsch 6129 Silver Jet OHSC

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


Are you looking to add some bling to your vintage guitar collection?  Look no further!  Here we have a stunning, 100% original Gretsch 6129 Silver Sparkle Duo Jet.  What makes this one extra cool is that is comes from the mini batch of solid body Gretsch Duo Jets produced in late 1957 which featured cool Cadillac Green examples.  Thankfully, this one managed to get itself a factory original armrest along the way like its Cadillac Green bothers.  With all that chrome and shimmering, sparkling silver; this one really does pop!  Read on!


This incredible Gretsch Silver Jet has just come out of a collection where it has remained for well over 20 years.  I can assure you, it was not easy to secure this one and with it now here at JTKM STUDIO, I fully understand why it was difficult for the previous owner to part with it.  This one truly is a monster, with a huge, beefy tone and a neck that wants you to keep playing.


We will let the photos do most of the talking in terms of its condition, but this one is stunning!  A totally un-faded silver top and a beautiful mahogany body and neck.  The DeArmond pickups are out of this world and the neck pickup sounds better than any 1950’s P90 Les Paul I’ve ever come across.  The Duo Jet were built to rival the Gibson Les Paul and it certainly outdoes them here!


The Silver Jet is 100% original with the only alteration is that the nut has been shimmed to raise it up a little.  The neck joint is perfect and solid, with loads of room left for the bridge to move further down, and it plays with super-fast low action.  The binding is great throughout the body but the small section at the neck heel is starting to become a little delicate.  There is the expected aging/shrinkage to the humpback inlays.  There is some minor wear to the Brazilian Rosewood  fretboard on the first 5 frets, but nothing that will get in the way of how incredibly well this one plays.  All pots are the original Central Lab pots and there have been no repairs. 


The Silver Jet comes complete with its original and very clean slow flake hard case.


There you have it, yet another masterpiece here at JTKM STUDIO and we are particularly proud of this one, this is a very special 1950’s Gretsch!


All guitars come with a 24 hour approval period.


We ship worldwide with UPS.  We are pleased to say that we now hand delivery to the EU.  Contact us for details.


Internal photos are available.


Contact me on or give us a call. 


Note: This guitar contains Brazilian Rosewood and it is a legal requirement to state the CITES Article 10 Licence number when displaying such an instrument to the general public or offer for sale in any format.  If you require advice on anything CITES related, kindly read our CITES page. CITES Article 10 Licence number: 23GBA10XY6NGQ.


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