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Wanted List

We will buy your vintage guitar

We are always looking to buy vintage guitars.  We have three main categories for what we search for, which are as follows:

Golden Era Vintage

  • 1950's Gretsch 6120, Round-up, Duo Jet models, Country Gentleman.

  • 1950's-1974 Fender guitars

  • 1950's-1974 desirable Gibson guitars

Future Vintage 

  • Made in England 1960's Vox Guitars

  • Early 1980's Heritage Series Gibson and Pre-Historic Gibson Les Paul models/ rare Les Paul's from this period.

  • 1980's 57 and 62 Re-issue Fender Stratocaster's (custom colour)

  • 1960's Dan Amrstrong Ampeg Plexi Glass guitar/bass

  • Mid-Late 1970's Gibson Flying V's and the Artisan Les Paul.

Vintage Amplifiers

  • 1950's-1960's Watkins Dominators

  • 1960's Watkins Joker Amplifiers

  • 1950's-1966 Vox AC30's

  • 1950's-1965 Vox AC10's and AC15's

  • Desirable 1960's Marshall amps; Bluesbreaker & 1957 models.

  • 1980's Marshall JCM 800's matching head/cab

  • 1950's-1964 Fender Tweed, Bassman, Vibraosonic, Pro, Showman, Tremolux, Bandmaster

  • 1960's Fender Reverb units

  • 1960's Vox Echo/Reverb units

If you have any of the following and you are interested in either selling or part-exchanging against our stock, contact us through email or telephone.


UK telephone: (+44) 07943 633680