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Vinatge guitar shop

Terms, Conditions and Payments

Our online safety and payment procedures


Online safety is an absolute priority here at JTKM STUDIO.  It is essential that both you, the buyer, and JTKM STUDIO can buy in a safe, stress free online environment.  We have created the following strict Terms & Conditions to make our policies crystal clear if you're either buying from JTKM STUDIO or selling to JTKM STUDIO.


We accept international bank wire transfers.


We accept bank transfer payments from UK buyers.


All payments are in Great British Pounds GBP. 


We do not ship until funds have cleared.     

Your Purchase

All our products are expertly examined by our team of two experienced individuals, one of which have been dealing with vintage guitars since the early 1970's.  You will be provided with a JTKM STUDIO authentication sheet (guitar sales) which we guarantee to be correct.  We assure you that all of our products are exactly as described.  We therefore offer you a 24 hour approval period on all domestic sales with 100% of your money back minus shipping costs.  The buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs and incurred charges.


Amplifiers are sold strictly as-is and cannot be returned or refunded.  We recommend servicing all amplifiers upon arrival. 

We do not accept deposits to secure items. 

All international guitar sales come with a 24 hour approval period.


In the unlikely event of a return, we will refund the Great British Pounds amount paid minus shipping costs for the item and are not responsible for any exchange rate loss.  The buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs and incurred charges.

Refunds will only be issued when the item is returned in exactly the same condition in which it was sent.  We require a 48 hour inspection period for all returning items.  We decide if the item has arrived in exactly the same condition in which it was sent, not the buyer. 

Contact must be made within 24 hours of the delivery time, stating you want to return the item, we do not require a reason.  If no return request is made within the initial 24 hours of the delivery time, the purchase is complete and cannot be returned or refunded.  Any return request outside the initial 24 hour delivery time will go ignored.


In the event that any of the above is not satisfied the buyer will not be refunded.  


We ship worldwide using UPS and we expertly package all items.  We are not responsible for any damage or loss due to transit.  We will not refund you if your packaged is lost or damaged in transit.  We state the UPS Declared Value for the full amount of your purchase.  Doing so, UPS are liable for any loss or damage subject to their terms and will refund the buyer subject to their own policies.  This is not insurance, this is what UPS will, in theory, refund if a package is lost or damaged.  We take photographs and videos of all our outgoing packages to prove that packages are expertly packaged for domestic or international delivery.  You, the buyer, can of course take out your own professional 'goods in transit' insurance with a company like U-PIC.


Items must be sent to us for a full inspection.  It is the responsibility of the seller to get any item to us in the condition it was sent, fully insured.  We are not responsible for any loss or damage of your property in transit to JTKM STUDIO.  The seller will be provided with a purchase sheet from JTKM STUDIO stating the potential purchase/trade.  We require a maximum of 48 hours to assess all possible trade/part exchange/sale items.  Possible payments will be made after full inspection.  In the event of us not accepting a trade/part exchange/sale item, return shipping is paid by the owner. 


Important Clause 

JTKM STUDIO sells vintage, second hand guitars and amplifiers.  Although we do strive to find mint condition, collector grade examples, the buyer needs to understand that our pieces are 60-70 years old.  You are not buying brand new instruments or amplifiers.  Our instruments may have inherited aged related issues such as warped pickguards, aged potentiometers which may be noisy when in use, aged switches, finish checking, chips, scratches and worn frets, nut and fingerboard.  Vintage guitars need periodic care and the buyer needs to be aware of these factors when buying vintage guitars. 

Formal Obligation

On all JTKM STUDIO invoices it states 

"In making your payment you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions..."

  We do not operate outside of our Terms and Conditions found on this page.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to read, and in paying, accept the Terms and Conditions prior to purchase. 

Visit Us 

To view and try out any of our guitars feel free to contact us to book an appointment.


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