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1982 Fender Stratocaster Fullerton Red Bobbin Pickups

Early 1982 Fullerton 57 Re-issue Fender Stratocaster Vintage White OHSC

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


Here we have a very early 1982 Fullerton era 57 Vintage Re-issue Fender Stratocaster in Vintage White with all of its case candy and immaculate condition tweed case.  This is the full package and one of the finest we’ve ever had!  If you want an ultimate playing, feeling and sounding Strat this is it!  If you’re a buyer, read on!


We’ve had well over 50 of these 1982-1984 Fullerton era Strat’s over the last couple of decades and I can tell you one thing, these are as good as you’ll ever get for your money.  Forget about those Strats from late 65 on onwards, these are the ones you want if you're a player!


This one, with serial number V001707 is one of the very first made and sports all of the early features.  That is, factory shaved routing as they didn’t know how to accurately measure up the jigs when they first started building these early re-issues, non-cloth wiring, red bobbin pickups, rare orange Sprague capacitor, matching serial number sticker in the neck cavity with its mirror image staining the under-side of the neck (always nice when things match up to perfection), circular inspection stamps within the pickup cavity, under the neck plate/tremolo cavity/neck pocket and also under the bridge cover.  Let us mention one last time that the case candy is essentially mint, as is the case!  This is as good as you’ll get! 


The Stratocaster is an utter joy to play and has a slightly fuller feeling neck than usual and isn’t overly slim.  The Strat feels very lightweight too.  The 3 way switch has been changed for its 5-way and by looking at the soldering this change must have happened when it was first purchased.  The original 3-way is in its case.  The pots are your expected R137 (CTS branded) pots dating to the 6th week of 1982, which is very early.  There is a small area on the back of the neck where some stand burn has been clear-coated over to make it feel smooth, this has been well done.  One of the back tremolo plate screws are not original.


Condition wise we will let the photos do most of the talking.  This one is not mint, but it is very clean.  There is one small chip near the tremolo and a couple around the neck plate, aside from that there is your expected minor indentations and rub/stand marks and imperfections.  It’s 42 years old and been played!  The nitrocellulose finish is super thin and showing some nice checking.  The neck has a nice subtle flame that looks great.  The frets and nut are original and are without any issues.  The Strat is starting to look “old” which is exactly what you what when it comes to these! 


The rare red bobbin pickups combined with the maple neck simply make this out a sweet sounding blues rocket!  It is exceptionally difficult to put down once you’ve started!  The red bobbin pickups read at 6.19 ohms at the neck, 5.92 in the middle and lastly 5.89 at the bridge.  These bad boys offer you some classic vintage and spanky tones!


There you have it, yet another very rare Fullerton era Fneder Stratocaster at JTKM STUDIO.  This one won’t be around for long, they never do as they have become exceptionally hard to find.  One is hidden in the JTKM STUDIO private collection because we also love them!


We offer a 24 hours approval period on all domestic guitar sales.  All international sales are final as stated on our Terms, Conditions & Payment page.


We ship worldwide with UPS.


Internal photos are at hand and available upon request.



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