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Early 1965 Fender Jaguar Lake Placid Blue Metallic

Early 1965 Fender Jaguar Lake Placid Blue Metallic

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


Summer is here! That can mean only one thing; it is the time to get your custom colour Fender on! Here we have a stunning, early 1965 Fender Jaguar in a beautiful and unfaded Lake Placid Blue Metallic, complete with its matching serial number hang tag, bridge cover, tremolo arm, cable and original black Tolex case. We may as well top it off with the fact that it is 100% original and sounds incredible. Read on!


As always, we will let the photos do most of the talking in terms of its condition; it is not easy to find an unfaded Lake Placid Blue these days and this one is exactly that. The stunning metallic finish shimmers a wonderful light blue under very strong light and a deep royal blue in low light; it is truly something to behold and we have tried to capture a few of its shades within our photographs. Lake Placid Blue always contrasts beautifully with an original green guard too! There are a few chips on he body which are mostly confined to the edges; the front, back and also the neck and headstock are very clean.


The neck is exactly what search for from this period, it is very full, big feeling and rounded. In our opinion, early 1965 Fender Jaguar’s are as good as they can get! The neck is dated March 1965 B. The nut, frets and Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and in fine shape and the Jaguar plays effortlessly all over the neck.


All soldering/wiring is fully original and there has been no overflow to any of the solder joints. The pots, which are CTS branded, date to the 19th week of 1965. The pickups are very strong and powerful with the neck reading at 6.14 ohms and the bridge 6.37 ohms respectively. There is some expected minor warping to the pickguard.


This is a wonderful custom colour Fender Jaguar and it really is the full package. Take a moment to see the detailed swirling on the maple neck. When the light hits the back of the neck at the right angle is looks amazing. This Jaguar is a fine addition to any vintage guitar collection.


There you have it, yet another stunning custom colour Fender Jaguar at JTKM STUDIO and they will keep on coming.


We offer a 24 hours approval period on all guitar sales. 


We ship worldwide with UPS. 


Internal photos are available.


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Note: This guitar contains Brazilian Rosewood and it is a legal requirement to state the CITES Article 10 Licence number when displaying such an instrument to the general public or offer for sale in any format.  If you require advice on anything CITES related, kindly read our CITES page. CITES Article 10 Licence number: 23GBA10I0P3JJ.


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