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Fender Bulwin Sunglasses Case Jaguar Jazzmaster

Early 1960's Bulwin Sunglasses Case Fender Upgrade


Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


Here we have the earlier version Bulwin Sunglasses case from 1961-1963 with the yellow lining.  Examples from the around 65-66 have the more orange lining. 


This case is suitable for a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster.  It will fit a Stratocaster but it is not a perfect fit. 


Condition wise is as shown.  There is a stain from what looks like red wine, the central latch has been replaced and the wood has split on the birdge where the neck would rest.  I would recommend you put some padding there to cushion the neck when storing or moving the guitar around in this case.  It isn't that bad but you should be aware of this.  There are no bad smells.  The exterior is in quite good condition but has clearly as seen some action.  The original latches still work (not the strongest latches in the world) but the central replacement latch is make-shift work and could have been done better, but it does the job. 


This one is priced at around 50% the price of a mint, clean and fully functional example would sell for.  It is what it is and would suit a beat up Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster from the golden age.


This one is sold strictly as-is. 


Ships worldwide with UPS.

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