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1961 Fender Jazzmaster See-Thru Blond

1961 Fender Jazzmaster See-Thru Blond

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


Looking for a 1961 slab board See-Thru Fender Jazzmaster in 100% original condition? You’ve come to the right place! Read on!


Custom colour pre-CBS Fender Jazzmaster’s are a standard here at JTKM STUDIO and we continually search for the finest examples. Here we have a 1961 Fender Jazzmaster, combined with a wonderful ash body and fully original see thru blond finish. It is just magical the way the ash wood grain pushes through the See-Thru Blond finish and we have tried our best to capture this in the photos. As always we will let the photos do most of the talking in terms of condition. It is far from mint, has multiple dings and chips but it is oh so beautiful. You cannot beat a nicely worn in ash/blond Fender!


This particular example is fully original both internally and externally. The only thing we had to replace was the foam under the pickups; it has shrunk, dried and crumbled with age and became essentially useless.


The neck is exactly what you want from this period, it has a wonderful, thick and extremely dark Brazilian Rosewood slab board fretboard, the original frets and nut are in great shape and the profile of the neck is big and chunky! These are the finest necks you’ll find on a Jazzmaster.


The combination of these extremely strong and well balanced pickups with an ash body are truly magical. You can feel the entire body of the Jazzmaster resonate when you’re playing and the sustain is incredible. The Jazzmaster rings out beautifully and has a mellow tone coming out of both pickups, yet at the same time very strong. Here at JTKM STUDIO we see ash body Fender Jazzmaster’s as the best of them all and this is a prime example.

Internally everything is completely original (the remnants of the original foam from under the pickups is included in the case). None of the soldering has ever been disturbed and it is exceptionally clean under the guard with little oxidation. You have your expected black bobbin pickups with readings 7.37 ohms at the neck and 7.75 ohms at the bridge, CTS branded pots dating to the 1Xth week (can’t read the exact week) of 1959 and the 43rd week of 1960. The body date, found under the bridge pickup is dated 5/61. The neck date is 4/61. The example also has the early Pat. Pend. Tremolo unit, predating the patent number tremolo unit.


The Jazzmaster comes with its original brown tolex case with gold lining which is very clean with no bad smells.


There you have it, yet another extremely fine pre CBS custom colour Fender Jazzmaster from the golden era at JTKM STUDIO.


We ship worldwide with UPS.


We offer a 24 hours approval period on all guitar sales. 

Internal photos are available upon request.


Contact me on if you would like to purchase. 


Note: This guitar contains Brazilian Rosewood and it is a legal requirement to state the CITES Article 10 Licence number when displaying such an instrument to the general public or offer for sale in any format. If you require advice on anything CITES related, kindly read our CITES page. CITES Article 10 Licence number: 23GBA10OKQIUA.

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