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Welcome to JTKM STUDIO

The home of pristine, collector & investment grade vintage guitars & amplifiers.


JTKM STUDIO specialise in pristine condition vintage and collector grade guitars.  We are a leading authority in the specialist areas of pre-CBS offset Fender, 1950's Gretsch and 1980's Fender guitars.   We have been dealing in vintage & collectible guitars since 2006.  Whether you're looking for a first batch 1955 Gretsch 6120, a 1962 slab board Fender Jaguar or a custom colour pre CBS Fender Jazzmaster, we will almost certainly have one in stock , hidden away or in the JTKM STUIDO Private Collection.

We are no longer expecting to have any new arrivals for sale.   We are primarily focused on building our private collection of vintage and rare offset Fender and 1950's Gretsch.  If we do have something for sale it will be listed within our Inventory.   

If we do have something for sale you will be the first to know by joining our email list. 

Contact Us

We are based in the historical city of York, England.

If you would like to contact us to discuss any of our guitars or pieces in our Private Collection we are more than happy for you to contact us.

To keep up to date with anything we have for sale, join our email list.  We only sell to people that we know and prefer to have face-to-face discussions before we consider selling any of our guitars.  This is why we no longer advertise on Reverb as this cuts out the time-wasters.

Pieces in our Private Collection are not for sale. 

Thanks for submitting!

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