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1965 Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red

1965 Fender Jaguar Candy Apple Red

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


Here we have something incredibly special.  You’re looking at an early 1965 Fender Jaguar, complete with its serial number hang tag, original store hang tag with model/colour/serial number/price all stated (Ludwig Music House), strap, string set, bridge cover, tremolo arm and bridge key.  This is the full package and it just so happens to be in pristine, 100% original condition.  If you’re a buyer or a lover of everything Fender, read on!


Here at JTKM STUDIO we have never hidden the fact that what we search for are the finest condition (and also playing) offset Fender out there.  We can expand further when it comes to the Fender Jaguar: we search for the slab board models from early 1962, after that we search for Jag’s from early 1965.  These examples in our opinion are the Fender Jaguar’s.  The slab board examples do not need further explanation but the early 1965’s have a much fatter neck profile with very strong, shielded pickups.  Equip these two factors with a custom colour and a green pickguard and you’ve got something very special, if and only if it plays and sounds fantastic.  We are pleased to say that is exactly what we have here! 


This Candy Apple Red finish is something to behold.  With its silver upon gold basecoat it is truly breath-taking.  We can only hope the photographs do it justice.  It shimmers an incredible ruby red shine and the gold basecoat really warms it up when the light hits it.  There are reasons why Leo called Candy Apple Red his number one custom colour.  It is also the only true in-house Fender custom colour too and a personal favourite here at JTKM.


The Jaguar is 100% original aside from some amateur touch-up to cover a chip on the tuner side of the headstock.  We will let the photos do most of the talking in terms of its condition.  The body is near mint aside from a small chip from where someone has removed the neck in a non-professional way.  Under a blacklight there are some marks on the base of the body when its been on a stand, it is near impossible to see these in natural light.  Given its age, its safe to say we’ve never seen a Candy Apple red this clean, it is truly near mint.  There is finish checking to the clear coat on the front of the headstock.


The very full feeling neck dates to May 65 B (a favourite here).  The pots, which are CTS branded date to the 19th week of 1965.  None of the soldering has been touched or tampered with any way.  All switches work very well as do the pots.  The tone control in particular still has a very smooth and even distribution.


The Jaguar sounds and plays perfect with a really deep yet shimmering Fender neck pickup and a strong bridge pickup that can dance its way through the thickest reverb tank!  Both pickups reads in the early 6 ohms bracket; again, that’s exactly what you want!


There you have it, yet another masterpiece here at JTKM STUDIO at a great price.  Don’t pass this one up because once its gone, I cannot see it entertain the market again, just like all of our previous sales.


The Jaguar comes with an original and earlier white Tolex case.

We ship worldwide with UPS.


We offer a 24 hour approval period on all guitar sales.

Internal photos are available upon request.


We ship to the USA using the correct hamonized codes, and since this was made in the USA there will be no import charges.  There are a couple of documents that need to be completed for US customs. 


As always, contact us by giving us a call on Whatsapp, IG or on


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