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1962 Fender Jaguar Slab Board Case Candy OHSC

1962 Fender Jaguar Slab Board Case Candy OHSC

1962 slab board Fender Jaguar complete with its original serial number hang tag, manual, strap, bridge cover, tremolo arm, photograph of original owner with the Jag and brown tolex case anyone?  If so you’re my kinda guy!  Read on!


Here we have is a super cool, 100% original early 1962 slab board Fender Jaguar plus the full package!  This one may not be mint-mint, but it is an incredible Fender Jaguar.  It has been played for a good reason.  This one has a very full and fat feeling neck as you do find in early 1962.  The neck profile on these March 1962 slab boards thicken out as you work up the neck and here at JTKM we are addicted to them!  Take a moment to check out that beautiful headstock!


The neck dates to March 1962, the pots are Stack Pole (304) branded and date to the 32nd week of 1962.  None of the soldering has been disturbed throughout.  The frets have plenty of life in them and the Jag will come expertly set-up and ready to enjoy.


The pickups are very strong and well balanced with readings in the 6 ish ohms.  All switches and pots work well and have been given a good clean.  There are obviously a few chips, dings and marks to the finish (mainly on the back) but it is all original throughout and there is no touch-up to the finish anywhere.  The frets and nut are original, same goes for the decal.


These are becoming very difficult to find and if you’re after a slab board Jaguar, this is the one!


As always, internal photos are available upon request.

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