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1962 Fender Jaguar RARE FIRST RUN

1962 Fender Jaguar RARE FIRST RUN

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


Here we have the ultimate collector grade 1962 Fender Jaguar complete with its exceptionally clean brown Tolex case, manual, strap, tremolo arm, bridge cover and cable. To date, this is the earliest known Fender Jaguar via its serial number. If you’re a buyer, read on!


By our and online records, the earliest known serial number to be put on a Fender Jaguar was 70911, that being a Burgundy Mist Metallic with a tortoise guard and non-matching headstock. That particular Fender Jaguar resides in a collection in Japan. This one, however, has serial number 69006 making it the earliest known serial number and one of the very first Fender Jaguar’s ever produced. There are clearly a handful of Jaguars made before this one, but if you can find one with an earlier serial number which is genuine we would certainly want to purchase it.


The very first form of the Fender Jaguar are as depicted on early literature and advertisements. If you own a 1962 Fender Jaguar manual as shown with our Jaguar here, or a Fender Jazzmaster manual from approximately the same period, you will see that early Fender Jaguars have a few differences. Take a moment to notice that our Jaguar only has 9 holes on the pickguard (and body), with one being omitted where your hand would naturally rest when playing. Further, and for a completely unknown reason, the first Fender Jaguars use slot-head screws for their pickup height adjustment screws. What makes this one extra special is that is has a B width nut, the majority of early Fender Jaguars have an A width nut.


The Serial number is 69009, which is a 1961 serial number. The pots are Stackpole branded pots (304) dating to the 45th week of 1961 (one we can’t read fully). The flat pole pickups are very strong, deep and well balanced, reading at 6.29 ohms at the neck and 6.51 ohms at the bridge. The neck is dated March 1962 B. The Jaguar is all original and none of the soldering has ever been tampered with or repaired. The case is extremely clean and the strap looks to be unused.


The neck is full feeling and tapers off nicely to become a fat, rounded feeling neck as you move up the fingerboard. The nut and frets are excellent and have decades left in them. I don’t even need to mention that is a slab board fingerboard, do I? The sound is simply perfection, it does exactly what you want a good Fender Jaguar to do. This Jag is up there with the very best we have ever had.


There you have it, yet another masterpiece here at JTKM STUDIO.

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