1961-1963 Watkins Dominator

1961-1963 Watkins Dominator


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Here we have a wonderful and very original 1961-1963  17 Watt Watkins Dominator which was made in England in a time when made in England really meant made in England!


We shall let the photos do the talking!  Equipped with 10 inch Elac Made in England speakers and matching codes throughout.  The Transformer is original and the amp has only had minor service component changes from new, it is ready to go and needs nothing.  It has what we believe are original old stock Mullard values from 1957.  We can see the code B7C4 which indicates that some of the values were made on the 4th week of March 1957 in Blackburn, England.


There is no footswitch included with the Watkins but we have used a correct footswitch and the tremolo works perfectly and sound fantastic.


Here at JTKM STUDIO we cannot advocate these Watkins Dominators enough.  We absolutely love them and try to find as many of them as we can.  These amps are a sleeping giant in the vintage guitar world and for us they give you the perfect Gibson Les Paul partnership!  Simply plug in and there you have it!


We ship worldwide with UPS.  I cannot see this one hanging around for too long!


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