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1955 Gretsch Round Up 6130

1955 Gretsch Round Up 6130

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


Here we have a stunning 1955 Gretsch 6130 Gretsch Round Up complete with its original tweed case. The romance, filmic and nostalgic beauty of the Wild West capsulated within a functional piece of art!  That’s how we feel about full western feature Gretsch Round Up’s here at JTKM STUDIO.  No vintage guitar collection is complete without one of these.


This 1955 Gretsch Round Up, which we believe is from the first batch of Gretsch Round Up’s produced in 1955 has just come out of a collection here in the UK and is an uncirculated example.  As always, we will let the photos do most of the talking in terms of its condition.  The Round Up is stunning and we do hope the photos have done it justice.


The Round Up is all original internally and externally.  It has just been professionally set-up to the best of its playing ability and feels and sounds great.  It has a big, rounded feeling neck profit and the original De Armond pickups sound fantastic, each being very strong and perfectly balanced.  All the controls have been given a good clean and work perfectly. 


The Round Up has had an neck re-set at some point in its life, note that the finish under the neck has been sanded, we can only assume this was done to achieve a better body to neck contact when being re-glued.  There is a slight, localised dip in the curvature of the neck around the 12th frets.  A quarter turn of the truss rod would have rectified this completely but we feel it would be too risky to attempt to turn the truss rod any further without potentially damaging the neck.  That said, the Round Up does play fine for collector, every day casual use.  However, if you wanted to play it seriously then it is time for an expert re-fret (the frets are on the lower side now) to compensate for the localised curvature; this would also assist with lowering the action as there is plenty of room left for the bridge to go down further.  The nut has been shimmed at some point in its life and there are cracks in the pickup surrounds.  It appears that a previous owner, for some unknown reason, repositioned the pickguard as there is a second small hole under the foam for the pickguard screw, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this with Gretsch guitars.  The pickguard screws are not original. 


All in all, this is one amazing, full western feature Gretsch 6130 which are becoming very hard to find.  We can’t see one hangin’ around town for too long! 


Please note that the western strap, cloth and string set are not included on the sale.


There you have it, yet another iconic 50’s Gretsch at JTKM STUDIO. 


All internal or any additional photos are available upon request.

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We offer a 24 hour approval period on all guitar sales.


We ship to the USA using the correct harmonized codes, and since this was made in the USA there will be no import taxes.


We accept all major credit cards at check out.  This service is for international buyers only. 


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