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1955 First Batch Gretsch 6120 Tweed Case 21 Frets

1955 Gretsch 6120 First Batch 14th Made

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


(This will be available no later than the middle of November).


Like your vintage guitar collection to be book referenced? We’ve got you covered! Read on!


Here we have a truly rare and magical Gretsch 6120, built in 1954 for the first batch, model year 1955.  This is the 14th Gretsch 6120 ever made and will appeal to just about all vintage guitar collectors. 


What makes this one even more special is that it features in the wonderful book “Gretsch 6120 The History of a Legendary Guitar” by Ed Ball. It is depicted on the opening page of the book and is documented throughout.


The debut batch of Gretsch 6120 models ran with serial numbers from 16450 to 16550; this one has serial number 16463.  An obvious indicator of a first batch 6120 is that they feature 21 frets and 7 western styled block inlays, while the later batches feature 22 frets. The western motifs continue with the cow making an appearance on the headstock, cacti and cow inlays on the fretboard markers; something we love to see!


As a constant, we will let the photos do most of the talking. All of the original features are as expected; arrow motif knobs, DeArmond Dynasonic pickups (which sound incredible) Patent fixed position B6 Bigsby, which we have just had freshly gold-plated, compensated aluminium bridge, gold hardware, vibrant un-faded western orange finish with some wonderful shimmering flames, sign-post detailed pickguard, G branded body, tweed case, 21 frets and a beautiful dark fingerboard.


The 6120 has just had a fresh neck re-set, which has been fully video documented by Crimson Guitars on their YouTube Channel.  We are pleased to say the Gretsch now has all of its outstanding playability, sound, feel and tone fully restored!


The Gretsch is in great condition given its vintage.  There is some small worn areas but nothing off-putting.  Take a moment to check the tiger flame on the maple top. This one is a true masterpiece and a firm part of vintage guitar history. The 6120 is 100% original aside from evidence that it's had a different tailpiece installed at some point in is life, which is very common with fixed arm Gretsch 6120s.


There you have it, yet another book referenced masterpiece from JTKM STUDIO. We are quietly confident JTKM STUDIO is coming the go-to place in the UK for offset Fender and also 1950’s Gretsch!


We ship worldwide using UPS.  We are please to say that we now hand deliver around the EU.  Contact us for details.


We offer a 24 hour approval period on all guitar sales.


We ship to the USA using the correct harmonized codes, and since this was made in the USA there will be no import taxes.


Contact us on with any questions.

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