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1955 Fender Stratocaster

1955 Fender Stratocaster Tweed Case Near MINT

Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.


Here we have a near mint, all original 1955 Fender Stratocaster, complete with its original tweed case, bridge cover, tremolo arm, key to its case and polish cloth.  You may have to wait a lifetime to find a better example.  This one my friends, this is the one!  Read on!


Coming out of 1955, this one sports a one piece ash body and near immaculate maple neck.  The ash body is highly detailed and beautiful, especially on the back.  The neck has that ultimate profile that is highly desirable; very rounded and full all the way through the neck and a real joy to play.  The Strat is super lightweight and incredibly resonant.  We will let the photos do most of the talking in terms of condition but we can safely say we will not find a cleaner, near museum grade example ever again.


Internally, the Strat is all original.  The neck dates to November 1955 (11/55) and the body dates to October 1955 (10/55).  The pots, which can be read and not covered with soldering are Stackpole branded (304) dating to the 43rd week of 1955.  All of the soldering is original and never been touched up or overflowed.


The true magic happens when you plug this one in.  The Strat has that warmth, spank and dynamic that all other forms of Stratocasters simply will never have.  The Strat sounds so warm you could easily mistake is for an early 60's slab board.  The middle pickup alone could easily be mistaken for a neck pickup, it is incredible and like nothing I've ever experienced on any other Strat. This Strat will push even the cleanest of amps into a wonderful single coil dream.  The pickups read in the 5.6-5.8 ohms range.   


The only thing stopping us short from calling this one 10/10 museum grade is some minor finish flaking on the base of the body and the lower horn on the treble side.


The beautiful and deep two-tone sunburst is completely original with some very subtle and fine checking.  The neck finish and decal are also completely original with only the smallest of areas where it is showing age.  The frets are perfect.


The tweed case is equally clean.  One latch is broken on the body end of the case.


The Stratocaster will come fully set up and ready to be loved.


There you have it, yet another masterpiece here at JTKM STUDIO and an insight of things to come in 2024.


Given the value of this piece, we can offer personal hand delivery to most of the EU, USA and also Japan.  Of course, I can hand deliver to the UK too.  Otherwise, we can ship to the USA using the correct harmonized codes, and given that this was made in the USA, there will be no further import charges, just a few documents for US customs.


Contact us on or give us a call. 


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