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vintage Gretsch guitrs for sale

1950's Gretsch guitars & amps

Gretsch from the 1950's resonate with me more than any other instrument, especially those with western motifs.  It takes a highly skilled and knowledgeable collector to have the variables to collect 1950's Gretsch.  I have spent the most recent years buying the finest Gretsch and I will continue to do so over the coming decades.  Gretsch are still a sleeping giant which makes them all the more collectible, provided you buy the right ones.  

1957 Gretsch 6129 Silver Jet with Factory Arm Rest

 I've seen and played plenty of 1950's Gretsch 6129 Silver Jets yet none of them come close to this rarity.  This piece, coming out of the 1957 batch of Jets that first featured Cadillac Green Jets with gold hardware is equipped with the styling of a 1950's Gretsch White Penguin, aka a factory original arm rest.  This piece is all original and an incredible specimen. 


1957 Gretsch 6128 Cadillac Green Jet 

 You may have to wait a lifetime to find a cleaner example.  This rare, first batch Cadillac Green Duo Jet is 100% original and in near mint condition.  This one features features in Ed Ball's book on 1950's Gretsch and many more online or magazine articles.  This piece is the cream of the crop of Cadillac Green Duo Jet's from the 1950's and a pleasure to have in my collection.  


1954 Gretsch 6120 First Batch

No introductions needed.  This is the 14th Gretsch 6120 ever made.  It is all original and plays like new thanks to a recent, expertly done neck re-set.  The B6 fixed arm Bigsby has had a fresh coat of gold to keep it looking sharp.  The 6120 features a very subtle flame throughout the body.  A very rare and iconic 1950's Gretsch.  With the majority of first batch Gretsch 6120s disappearing into collections it is a pleasure to own one before it was too late.  The all original western Electromatic amp is equally worth a mention. 


1955 Gretsch 6121 First Batch

Probably the rarest of all solid body Gretsch are the first batch Gretsch 6121 examples.  This one is a fine, all original example in outstanding playing condition with a recent re-fret.  Not as iconic as the 6120 but certainly more of a rarity for the collector.  This one still has its original white cowboy case.  A pleasure to have one in my collection as I would struggle to ever find another available for sale. 


1955 Gretsch 6130 Round Up

It is exceptionally difficult to find all original 1953-1955 Gretsch 6130 Round Up examples that are issue free.  This one is the finest example I have ever come across.  Its pickups are as strong as ever and plays like new.  It has never had a neck re-set or any alterations, even the pickguard is original which is a rarity alone.  With its tweed case this piece is something to behold and a treasure in my collection.  Nothing says nostalgia like a truly original 1950's Gretsch Round Up. 


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