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1982-1984 Fullerton era Fender Stratocaster

I have a lot of sentimental and nostalgic value attached to the early 1980's Fender Stratocaster.  After owing multiple Stratocasters from the 1950's, 1960's and the 1980's I feel my heart is settled on the early 1980's Fullerton 57/62 reissues.  My objective is to build the world's largest collection of Fullerton Stratocaster's over the next couple of decades.  You will see that collection grow here. 

1982 57 Re-issue Fender Stratocaster Vintage White 

One of the early examples.  This one features all of the excepted early factory marking and serial number sticker, along with the much desired Red Bobbin pickups.  This one is all original and the full package.


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