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1962 Fender Jaguar Collection

When it comes to the Fender Jaguar for the golden era, I have owned them in just about all colours from the years 1962 to 1966.  From Fiesta Red to Sherwood Green and even Surf Green.  I have come to the point where I am immune to rare paint finishes from the non-slab board era.  As a collector I want collector grade pieces which play and sound incredible.  Without sounding too cliche, nothing compares to the slab board Fender Jaguar from early 1962.  These are the ones that I collect and my collection will grow over the next few decades. 

1962 Fender Jaguar, Sunburst.


This is a fine example of an early 1962 slab board Fender Jaguar.  This one has a stamped March 1962 A neck with a very fat feeling neck profile.  It is a joy to play which sounds and feels incredible.  This one is a completely original specimen, with its original hang tags and even has a photograph of its original owner playing the Jaguar in 1970.  What is particularly special about this piece is the highly figured maple headstock, something not often seen in 1962. 


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