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Early 1962 Fender Jaguar Serial Number Database & Log.

Here at JTKM STUDIO we continually search for the very first 1962 Fender Jaguar's that were produced.  Over

the years I have logged the serial numbers of the earliest examples that have been on the market, that I own or have previously owned.  Most, but not all of the serial numbers listed here are of the first form of the Fender Jaguar with a 9-hole pickguard.  If you come across any 'new' serial numbers do let me know, along with a few photographs and I will update this database accordingly. 


1962 Fender Jaguar Specification

The very first Fender Jaguar's have the following specifications: 

  • Brazilian Rosewood slab board fretboard (CITES Annex A specimens and CITES Article 10 Licence required to trade or offer for sale worldwide)

  • 9-hole pickguards with one screw lacking near the bass side of the bridge pickup

  • flat-headed pickup height screws

  • flat-pole pickups

  • pencil or ink neck dates no later than March 1962

  • pots will almost certainly date to mid/late 1961.

  • Most likely a non-matching headstock.

  • Custom colours may have factory original tortoise pickguards.

Serial Number and detailed Log

All of the below entries I know to exist and either currently own them, have owned them or have seen them on the market or they belong to fellow collector friends. 

  • 69006.  9 hole guard, Sunburst.  Neck date March 1962 B.  Owned and sold by JTKM STUDIO.

  • 70911. 9 hole guard, Burgundy Mist, tortoise guard, non-matching headstock. Currently in Japan.

  • 73047. 9 hole guard, Dakota Red, green guard, 1/61 pencil neck date, non-matching headstock. Currently in Japan. 

  • 73106.  9 hole guard, sunburst.

  • 73355.  9 hole guard, Sunburst, 1 /61 pencil neck date. Sold by JTKM STUDIO and pictured above. 

  • 73776. 9 hole guard, Dakota Red, green guard, matching headstock, pickup height screws not original, currently in Dave Rogers Collection USA. 

  • 75036.  9 hole guard, Sunburst.

  • 76553.  9 hole guard, Sunburst.

  • 76590.  9 hole guard, Sunburst.

  • 76865.  9 hole guard, Sunburst, rough condition with scars around arm area, seen on Reverb & located in Australia.

  • 76968. 10 hole guard, flat-headed pickup screws, March 62 neck date, Blue Sparkle Finish over Sunburst, non-matching headstock. Sold by US dealer, unable to confirm is the finish was original.

  • 76979.  9 hole guard, Sonic Blue, tortoise guard, March 62 B neck date, non-matching headstock. Sold by a US dealer, unable to confirm if finish was original.

  • 76981.  9 hole guard, Sherwood Green, green guard, non-matching headstock.  Owned by JTKM STUDIO.

  • 76989.  9 hole guard, Sonic Blue refinish.  Sold by UK dealer. 

  • 77094.  9 hole guard, December 62 neck date, Candy Apple Red refinish, most likely this guitar has been put together parts.

  • 77233.  9 hole guard, Sunburst. 

  • 77302. 9 hole guard, Dakota Red, 3/62 pencil neck date, matching headstock shown on this page.

  • 77318. 9 hole guard, Sunburst. 2/ 62 neck pencil neck date with small intended "2"  on base of neck, changed period correct pots (32nd week of 1962, which is too late for a 9 hole guard).  Owned by Pristine Vintage. 

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